How to Help Bees Workshops at LASI, University of Sussex – 7th and 8th July 2017

Determining the Most Attractive Plants for Bees and Other Flower Visitors

Two separate workshops will be held, one on Friday 7th July and one on Saturday 8th July.

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The workshop will be free for CPP volunteers. If you are a CPP volunteer, to sign up contact or phone Cally at 01580 212 972.

The workshops are targeted at anyone who is interested in helping bees through flowers, whether ornamental garden flowers or wild flowers. You will learn how to identify the main types of flower-visiting insects and how to quantify them so that you can determine which attract the most insects and also which types of insects visit them.

The workshops will take place at LASI (Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects) and will combine lectures with hands on activities, and will be based on the results of LASI research carried out in the Sussex Plan for Honey Bee Health & Well Being. Teachers include Professor Francis Ratnieks, Dr. Karin Alton and other LASI researchers.