The Cross Pollination Project


The goal of the project is the conservation of our honey bees, native bees and other pollinating insects by means of scientific study, the creation of more foraging habitat, awareness-raising, and education. Through partnership working, the project will cross-pollinate knowledge and skills through the means of science, conservation and art to ensure that the significance of these vitally important species is maintained.

The bee has a symbiotic relationship with the flower.  It takes pollen and nectar from the flower as a food source and in return it transfers pollen from flower to flower.  Cross pollination allows a plant seed to be produced, enabling reproduction of the plant.  In this way, the two different organisms benefit each other.

The Cross Pollination Project seeks to emulate this relationship by cross – pollinating ideas and expert knowledge for everyone’s benefit and contained within it the seeds of awareness on the importance of bees and pollinating insects for the next generation.