Dunorlan Park – Tunbridge Wells

Pembury Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3QN

Dunorlan Park, with its spacious and elegant landscaping combined with wild grassy slopes and magnificent views across the lake to the Weald, is an historically important and much-loved public park in Tunbridge Wells.

The planting area for CPP is next to the park cafe. Each of the plant species will have around 1 square metre to ensure a large enough area for collecting accurate data on the insects. 

Here is a pdf diagram of the plant bed species map  Dunorlan Park Bed Map

The wooden bedding boxes were constructed and planted with the help of some enthusiastic volunteers.

WP_20160727_15_13_56      WP_20160727_15_14_08

The first summer


The second summer


Summer 2020



Dunorlan Bee Border

CPP will also be maintaining the bee friendly mixed border that contains many of the CPP plants. This bed was originally started by BEE partnership in 2015 with the help of Kent High Weald Partnership, LASI, and Tunbridge Well Borough Council.

See the preparation work for planting the bee border on Facebook.

DPdigweb_1       DPplantweb_2

The first summer


The second summer


Summer 2020

Dun bee border 1

Dun bee border 2