Bee Microphotography

Anne Brucea retired biology teacher, specialises in micro-photography. She initially became interested in photography and the potential of taking photographs through a microscope as a resource for her teaching.  She has contributed articles and images to the online microscopy magazine Microscopy UK.  She has been fascinated by bee biology since she was a teenager.

Bee Wings

wing hooks 04  wing hooks 03

Bee Legs

First Leg

bee first leg 01  bee first leg 02

bee first leg 03 with scale  bee first leg 04

Second Leg

bee second leg 01  bee second leg 02

Third Leg

bee third leg 02  bee third leg 04 with scale

Natural Comb

natural comb 04

Natural Comb 2

natural comb 02  natural comb 03

Honey Bee

29 Sept bee 09  29 Sept bee 02

Microphotography Images by Anne Bruce