CPP comic book number 2 – Why Grow Bee Friendly Flowers?

Why Grow Bee Friendly Flowers

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  The perfect day to think about flowers.

Even though it is February and still feels chilly and windy, it is actually a good time to start thinking about our summer gardens and how we can help feed the bees. Have a look below at our second  CPP comic book which tells you all about why it is so important and easy to provide food for our bees in the summer. There is a pdf version ready to download, print, colour as well as easy instructions to make your own mini book.

Here is the pdf version for printing the growflowers comic book.

Here is the pdf of the instructions for printing and assembling the mini book diyzine2

Below is a quick view of the mini book (not for printing)



Below viewable easy instructions for constructing your book